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Safelink Security System OKC Security Components: round cam, oval cam, phone viewer


Smarter than other Doorbell Cameras 

Intelligent Video Analytics. See and Talk. Rapid Alerts. HD Quality Video. Cloud Recording 

Our Smart Doorbell is one of the most intelligent video doorbells on the market. Its 150-degree vertical field of view allows the doorway to monitor most of your doorway. The two-way audio and full portrait viewing allow one of the best experiences when using our app to see and speak to visitors. Plus, the doorbell has state-of-the-art video analytics to minimize false motion detection. One of the most popular features is enabling our rapid person detection alerts, allowing you to get near-real-time alerts when a person is detected. Pair the doorbell with our smart locks and security system, allowing you to control your alarm system and door lock from the doorbell video viewing screen. This product is a must-have if you’d like eyes on your front door when you have visitors or packages delivered to your front door. Our smart doorbells will help keep an eye on your home, even when you’re away. 


Security Systems are critical, and even the safest neighborhoods hear stories of break-ins. There’s no better way than to start securing your home with a smart home security system from Safelink Systems. Since 2001, we have been your Oklahoma alarm company with the most advanced security alarms and automation systems. We offer the quickest response times in the state when it comes to responding to your alarm system. 

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Smarter than Stand Alone Cameras 

Intelligent Video Analytics. Real-Time Live View. Rapid Alerts. HD Quality Video. Cloud Recording 

Our smart cameras allow more intelligent video alerts and high-quality HD live video to help you see the video in high definition when you need it most. Using our state-of-the-art analytics, you can receive alerts in seconds when people, vehicles, or animals enter your property. Our smart cameras are equipped with HDR (high dynamic range), which allows for a more comprehensive view than many other cameras. We want you to see what’s important, which is why many of our cameras have night vision allowing you to see your property regardless if it’s day or night. Use our custom recording rules to store clips in the cloud automatically. If clips aren’t good enough, pair your camera with a stream recorder or use our intelligent onboard recording chips that allow 24/7 crystal clear recording of your Safelink installed camera. 

Home Security Systems OKC

Safelink Systems has spent over 20 years helping customers understand all the in’s and out’s of home security systems in OKC and automation and installing the right system for their needs.  

We are a home and business automation expert and licensed and certified to provide and install Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV (cameras), home automation, and access control systems. We have installed thousands of security and automation systems, both hardwired and wireless.

We understand that a lot goes into a security or automation system. We genuinely enjoy working with customers to custom design and create the perfect system to make their lives safer and more accessible. If you can control everything in your home or business from one single app on your phone, making your life easier- that’s our goal! 

Before starting the company in 2001, Safelink Systems, Josh worked as a home security technician for one of the largest national authorized dealers for a national company. Still, he didn’t like the “Sell it and forget ’em” mentality after the sale. This led him to create a business that focuses on customer support and helping clients get the most out of their home security and automation investment.  

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Use your current alarm system with Safelink

We monitor most existing alarm systems. Use your existing system or upgrade your old outdated keypad to Smart Touchscreen Security System without losing what devices you already have installed.

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Safelink Secure is our most economical package allowing you a full 24 hours a day / 7 days a week alarm monitoring by our local U.L. Listed Monitoring Station for a low monthly fee. Protect your family and your pocketbook.

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Receive all of the benefits of our Safelink Secure plan with added voice Activated Control of your Smart System using Siri, Alexa, or Google Home. Safelink Secure Plus ensures you are still connected even if you phone line is cut.

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Safelink Advantage provides all of the advantages provided in the previous two packages, as well as the ability to use your mobile app or computer to unlock doors, activate lights, view your home through networked cameras or change your home’s temperature. All of the newest technologies in one package.


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