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Control Your Smart Home Security System At Your Fingertips!


Management of your home security system OKC & Edmond is easy with a customized, all-in-one SMART home security systems from Safelink Security Systems. Monitor all of your home security devices from one app for easy access and adjustments and automate smart devices using our smart rules.

Take full advantage of controlling the lighting in your house, monitoring your smart security cameras, getting alerts from leak detectors, and much more by installing a customized smart home security system.

Smart Cameras

Smart home security system smart security camera from Safelink allows you to view your security cameras from a mobile app.

Smart Locks

A smart home security system smart lock from Safelink Security allows you to lock or unlock your doors from a mobile app.

Garage Door Control

A smart home security system smart garage door opener from Safelink OKC allows you to operate your garage door from an app.

Flood & Temperature Detection

A smart home security system flood sensor from Safelink Security Systems will alert you of a flood or fire from a mobile app.

Video Doorbell

A smart home security system video doorbell camera from Safelink allows you to see who is at your door from a mobile app.

Lighting Control

A smart home security system smart lighting switch from Safelink allows you to turn your lights on or off from a mobile app.

Additional Smart Home Security System Products

Smart Thermostat

Use our smart controls to help save money, efficiency and energy when you add our smart thermostat. We can notify you if your system stops working with our temperature alerts and thermostats can be automated to help save money. Have a fire? Our smart thermostat can turn off the system to help delay the spread of smoke to other rooms. 

Smart Fire and Safety Notification

Get notified in case of a fire or safety hazard.

Smart Doorbell Cameras

See who’s at the front door and have two-way conversations with visitors from anywhere using our wi-fi-enabled doorbells.

Smart Locks

What time did my kids get home? It is easy to set alerts so you get notified in real-time and receive reminders to be notified of activities you care about, whether your system is armed or not.

Smart Cameras with Video Analytics

Keep false alerts to a minimum using our proprietary video analytics alerts to capture video and get notifications when people, vehicles, and/or animals are detected by your home security cameras. Don’t want to receive animal alerts? Simple, just lets us know and our security cameras will ignore those alerts.

Connected Car

Connect your equipment to your car.

Smart Sprinkler System

Control your sprinkler system within our all-in-one app to water your yard by running a preprogrammed schedule.

Smart Garage Doors

Control your garage door from anywhere. Get alerts if you leave your garage door opened based on your rules. Open and close your garage door at the touch of a button.

Smart Water Leak Detection

Get notified whenever a water leak is detected and turn off the water supply to prevent costly damage- from anywhere.

Smart Lighting

Save energy and keep your property secure with smart lights.

Smart Audio System Integration

Play your favorite playlist by accessing your connected audio device from anywhere using our all-in-one app.

Smart One Touch Automation

Simplify your life by using automated scenes to control several devices by selecting one action.

Make your Life Simple

Voice Control Your Connected Devices
Alexa, Tell Alarm.com

Okay Google: Ask Alarm.com to secure my home!

Our Integrated Smart Home Hardware Partners

Our best-in-class software is seamlessly integrated into the industry’s most advanced hardware systems.

Want More Information?

Contact Safelink Security Systems OKC & Edmond now about smart home automation or for a custom alarm system and an expert will be in touch with you shortly. 

Safelink Security Systems OKC is a licensed and certified alarm company in the Great Oklahoma City area, providing home security and commercial security solutions for over 15 years. Trust Safelink to perform a free home security evaluation to craft the best system for you. An industry leader in home security systems for decades, Safelink Security Systems provides home security installation and alarm monitoring to Oklahomans, providing both security and lifestyle convenience.

Smart Home Automation

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