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Home Security Installation 

Today’s home security systems are SO easy to use, and keep you aware of everything that’s happening in your home, whether you are there or not. Home security is very important and even the safest neighborhoods hear stories of break-ins. There’s not better way to keep your home safe than installing a Safelink Security System smart home security panel. Security technology has advanced a lot to combat hackers and today’s threats. The system we use looks like a tablet on your wall and is packed with specific security features to help keep you safe.

Professional Home Security Installation 

When it comes to security, the most important part of the security system is that the system is installed correctly. An incorrect installation can create several false alarms, or cause a device not to trigger when an alarm occurs. This creates more frustration for property owners and the first responders. Our technicians are licensed to install security systems and will check to make sure your home security system is working as expected at the time of your installation. We will also educate you on your system at the end of your installation with our valuable walk thru education training program.


We Monitor Existing Alarm Systems 

Are you happy with everything on current system and only need alarm monitoring? We can monitor most existing alarm systems.  Let our professional monitoring station provide you 24/7 response 365 days per year. Our monitoring station is 5 diamond rated. That means you are being provided top notch monitoring response times when an alarm is triggered.


We Upgrade Existing Home Security Systems- Making them Smart

Don’t lose all the money invested and security components of your current alarm system. When other companies try to install all new components, we do our best to use all your currently installed devices to the best of our ability. Looking to upgrade your current alarm system to a smart alarm system? No problem!  We upgrade existing systems, making them smart by upgrading that old outdated devices keypad with a new 7” touchscreen or upgrading your home security system with one of our new smart chips.


We Install New Home Security Systems

We install the most innovative smart alarm systems on the market. Whether you want a basic alarm system or the most advanced home automation alarm with home security cameras, motion detectors, and sirens/strobes, we’ve got you covered!

Better Touchscreen 

Our 7’ HD touchscreen offer some of the most advanced features that allow easy access to your home security system, automation devices, security cameras and your front door video doorbell. The touchscreen is even equipped with a microphone that allows for two-way voice so you can talk to people at your front door.


Built-in 5MP Camera

Our 5mega pixel, 120 degree built in security camera allows for clear crisp images to help give you better insight when an alarm event is triggered or disarmed. You came even use the built in security camera to “peek in” your home and retrieve a snap shot in real time.

Disarm Photos

Our Smart IQ Panel has a 5MP built-in security camera that is capable of capturing disarm photo’s and alarm video. These videos are uploaded to the cloud that allow you to “take a peek” into your home should an alarm occur. Giving you footage to help identify whether you need to dispatch authorities.

Touchless Bluetooth DisarmingWith proper home security system installation, your alarm system will become a smart alarm system & will alert your app.

Are your hands full carrying all your groceries and you need to disarm your system? Use our touch-less disarming feature to automatically disarm your alarm system using up to 5 smart phones. When you’re when panel is armed to the “away” mode you simply need to come within range of the touchscreen panel and it will automatically disarm. It’s secure, encrypted, and individually authenticated. You can even add automation rules like “make my home unlock the door and turn on my porch light when the alarm is disarmed” as you approach your home. Just think, you did not even have to do a single thing for all of that to happen.

Dual Path Connectivity 

Dual SRF 

Your alarm communicator is one of the most important device on your alarm system when it comes to communication to a monitoring station. That’s why we use a dual band enabled communicator with both LTE and WiFI. If your internet line is cut or goes out,  don’t worry our dual path communicator is no match for the burglar and will send your alarm signal through another method.

Power G Encrypted Devices

Touchscreen Live View

Our Live View allows our doorbell cameras and video devices to be viewed with excellent resolution. Use our smart doorbell cameras and touchscreen to answer your door     To talk and hear your visitors without opening the door to help keep you safe.

Smart Partitions

Have a detached building or detached shop that you would like to have armed while your home isn’t? Remotely secure  up to 4 areas like your shop or another separate building/ room while another area is disarmed  acting as two alarm systems without paying for two full priced monitoring fees by using our smart partition feature.

Face Recognition  

Our state-of-the art software can send your Unexpected Activity Alerts with Face Recognition to the panel using our 5MP built in camera. When the disarm photos are captured, your smart system will automatically upload them to the cloud, analyze and compare the images against the user authorized image for that code. If something doesn’t match up or a face is not detected, you’ll get an alert right away.


A properly installed home security system will protect your home from both outside & inside from home intruders in OKC.Alarm & Disarm Photos

If your alarm is triggered, your IQ alarm panel has the capability to capture an images during the event for you to review. Allowing you to have a peek inside your alarm to be sure everything is okay before you cancel alarm dispatch. Would you like to be sure your child made it home and disarmed the system? Use our disarming photo feature to verify your child made it home. The photo’s will upload to your safelink systems app.

Photo Frame

Turn your touchscreen into a piece of artwork to display your favorite family photo across the 7’ touchscreen display while your touchscreen in in screen saver mode. Simply add an micro SD card to your touchscreen and ask us  to enable the photo frame option.

Built-In Glass-break Detector

Our SMART IQ Panel is equipped with a built in a glass-break allowing us to trigger an alarm if glass nearby is broken while the panel is armed. In many cases this is helpful when the panel is located near a door or window with glass.

Crash and Smash Detection

In the past, an intruder could break into your home triggering the alarm, hunt down the panel and rip it off the wall or smash the panel before the alarm had a chance to communicate to the proper authorities. Using our Smart IQ panel, we put security back into security. Our panel comes with Smash and Crash Protection which means when an intruder triggers an alarm, whether or not they smash the panel, it’s too late. Our monitoring station knows they are there and will follow proper protocols to dispatch authorities if the alarm system is not disarmed.

Secure Wireless Encryption

We use the latest in encryption wireless communication technology for your sensors making it extremely difficult to for hackers to hack into your system.

Smart Home Ready Device

Your touchscreen device is factory equipped to add your favorite smart home devices. Whether you are automating your smart switches, lights, door locks, thermostats, security cameras, garage doors, or sprinkler system, your panel is smart home ready. You can even use the voice activation of Alexa, Google or Siri to control your system. {See more about smart home automation}

Want More Information?

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