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Sirens & Strobes

Sirens & strobes are the perfect way to make your alarm system even LOUDER and more VISABLE. Safelink Security’s siren and strobe devices allow a quick and affordable way to scare off intruders. No need for a complex outdoor security system. With our strobe lights and sirens, you also notify members of the household by creating more attention when the alarm is triggered. The more attention that can be put on to an intruder, the more likely the intruder will leave for an easier target. This is why sirens and strobes should be a part of your home security system.

Strobe Lights 

Sirens and strobe lights are a great deterrent add-on to any alarm system. Specifically with the additional visual flashing strobe lights, they notify your neighbors and any unwanted guests that an alarm has been triggered. Intruders will find out soon if they don’t leave, that authorities are also on the way. When Safelink Security System’s indoor or outdoor alarm is triggered, the strobe light will provide a visual flashing that is very visible in the dark.

Strobe Lights For Outdoor Use

Notify your neighbors and the intruder with Safelink Security System’s outdoor strobes and sirens. The more attention you can bring to your home in the event of a burglar alarm, the better. When you add an outdoor strobe light to your system, it will bring A LOT more attention to your home. These visuals from the strobe lights are unwanted during a break-in and will help scare intruders away.

Strobe Lights For Indoor Use

Help notify the hearing impaired with Safelink Security System’s alarm strobe lights. Indoor strobe lights are found to be extremely efficient in providing assistance to hearing impaired or heavy sleeping individuals. When a burglar or fire alarm is triggered, our strobe lights flash brightly and will notify you and your loved ones. The strobe lights can be programmed to disable themselves after a specified time period or set up to be manually disabled.



Like we said earlier, sirens and strobe lights are a great add-on to any security system to help deter burglars. Specifically with Safelink Security System’s sirens, like our strobe lights, you’re able to notify your neighbors AND the intruder that you have a security system. Once your alarm is triggered, authorities have been notified.

Sirens For Outdoor Use 

The more attention you can bring to your home in the event of a burglar, the better. When you add an outdoor siren to your alarm system, it will bring more attention to your home. These loud external sirens are designed to alert those around the home of the event. These loud obnoxious sounds are unwanted from intruders and will help scare them away. If your alarm is triggered, then it will be so noticeable, that it will notify your neighbors to keep a look out.

Sirens For Indoor Use

Indoor sirens are found to be extremely efficient in providing additional audible noise to help notify individuals of an event. Although most keypads have a built-in siren, that is not always enough. When a burglar or fire alarm is triggered, let our security systems indoor sirens be used as a life safety notification to notify your loved ones.

Safelink Security System Siren & Strobe Light Products

PowerG Wireless Indoor Siren (And Strobe Light)


  • Indoor siren 
  • Entry/Exit beeps 
  • Strobe LED 
  • Battery 7-8 years with 1 battery (Typical use) 
  • Compatible with PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and Qolsys panels 
The wireless Power G indoor siren will create a noise inside your home that cannot be ignored if your alarm system goes off.

PowerG Wireless Outdoor Siren (And Strobe Light)


  • Outdoor siren 
  • Entry/Exit beeps 
  • Siren active (alive) indication 
  • Programmable strobe time 
  • Battery 7-8 years with 1 battery (Typical use) 
  • Compatible with PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and Qolsys panels
The Power G wireless outdoor siren will create a noise outside your home so everyone knows an intruder is at your house.

IQ Siren (And Strobe Light)


  • Plugs into any standard outlet
  • 3 LEDs strobe during alarm events
  • Clean, discreet look
  • 3 hour backup battery
  • Acts as Z-Wave repeater to strengthen your home network
  • Built-in Lithium Battery: 430 mAh
  • Alarm Power: 1.7W
  • Max Standby Power: 0.7W
  • Max Volume: 105dB
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 45°C
  • Operating Distance: Up to 550 feet outdoors
  • Frequency Type : Z-Wave Plus
The IQ Siren is a siren & strobe combination that uses LED lights & ear piercing alarms to alert you of a burglar.

Combination Hardwired Strobe/ Siren 


Sturdy aluminum back plate 

Strong polycarbonate housing 

  • Dual tamper protection
  • Dual tone (steady and warble)
  • 120dB sound output (steady and warble)
  • Mounts directly to wall or 4″ square back box
  • Strobe consists of colored mirror and lens – Available strobe colors: Amber, blue, clear, red
The Combination strobe/siren is tamper proof, uses multicolored lights, & a 120 decibel alarm to alert of a home intruder.

Indoor Hardwired Wave2 Siren 

Two-tone siren


  • Patented case design fits single gang electrical box or wall plate 
  • Snap-open hinged case cover for faster installation 
  • Louder (106 dB) dual tone siren output 
  • Terminal strip eliminates splicing and soldering 
  • Corner or ceiling mounting with no additional brackets or hardware 
  • Channeled case back for convenient wiring access 
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting for great versatility 
  • Siren only (no strobe lights)
The Wave 2 siren is a hardwired siren with a 106 decibel, two tone alarm which will alert you if there is a break-in.

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