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Hardwire to Wireless Converters

Our hardwire to wireless converters allow you to turn your old, outdated alarm system into a smart home security system by upgrading that old, outdated alarm system without all the costs of buying all new peripheral home security devices.


Hardwire to Wireless Converters We Offer

At Safelink Security Systems of OKC & Edmond, we use IQ Hardwire for our hardwire to wireless converters. We have found that IQ Hardwire is one of the best companies for this style of converters both in quality, price, longevity, and effectiveness. Depending on your home security system, we recommend one of the two hardwire to wireless converters below.


The IQ Hardwire 16-F (Small Enclosure)

Offers a cost-effective way of integrating hardwired security & smoke detector zones with the IQ Panel 2/2+. It includes a small enclosure designed to be mounted in an existing can, backup battery charging, 500mA of 12volt auxiliary power, an onboard siren relay, built-in status LEDs for each zone and support for up to 10 two-wire smoke detectors. Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts are supported as well as powered zones like motion sensors and glass break detectors.


The IQ Hardwire PowerG

Allows you to encrypt and connect up to 8 hardwired zones wirelessly to the IQ Panel 2 Plus. It’s easy to install and the perfect solution for existing home security systems or new construction.

hardwire to wireless converter alarm system

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