Glass Break Sensors


Reliable Glass Break Detector

The IQ Glass, glass break detector is specially designed to protect you if an intruder tries to break in through a window. Using our proprietary S-Line encryption technology encrypts signals sent to the IQ Panel while still providing backward compatibility for legacy 319.5 systems. Glass break sensors are a must have on your home security system so you can be instantly alerted if someone has broken a window at your home or office.

How Do Glass Break Sensors Work?

The glass break detection device is triggered by the pitch and frequency of breaking glass, the IQ Glass is effective within 20′ and is activated automatically when you arm your IQ Panel in either “Stay” or “Away” mode.  Typically installed on the opposite wall or on the ceiling to allow for better “listening” ability in large living areas.

The IQ Glass is one of the most reliable glass-break detection devices in the market. You can rest assured the device will trigger the alarm response if it detects any vibration or indication of breakage.


IQ glass break sensors will trigger your home security system alarm if someone breaks a window on your home or business

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