Home Security Cameras


Smart Security Cameras To Protect Your Home

Upgrade your alarm system with smart home security cameras that you can access through your phone from anywhere!

Smarter than Stand Alone Security Cameras

Intelligent Video Analytics. Real Time Live View. Rapid Alerts. HD Quality Video. Cloud Recording 
Our smart security cameras allow smarter video alerts and high quality HD live video to help you see video in high definition when you need it most. Using our state-of-the art analytics, you have the ability to receive alerts in seconds when people, vehicles, animals are entering your property. Our smart cameras are equipped with HDR (high dynamic range) which allows for a wider field of view  than many other cameras. We want you to see what’s important which is why many of our cameras have night vision allowing you to see your property regardless if its day or night. Use our custom recording rules to automatically store clips in the cloud. If clips aren’t good enough, pair your camera with a stream recorder or use our intelligent on-board recording chips that allow 24/7 crystal clear recording of your Safelink installed camera.
Security Camera System That Is Wall Mounted Provided By Safelink Security Solutions of OKC, Norman, & Edmond, Oklahoma

Smart Home Security Camera Features: 

Rapid Person Detection Alerts 

A video monitoring system can show you everything that is happening around your home. In many cases, you end up looking in the past trying to view the footage. Our app changes the way you use your security cameras. Our rapid detection notifications allow you to receive video alert notifications in near real-time when the video camera identifies a person. You can use a tripwire alert to capture people entering or leaving your property or create ground zone alerts to capture activity in narrow areas, like doorways. Our technology, eliminates the hassle of receiving several false alerts that many of the other cameras provide. What you want to see is up to you and easy to adjust as your needs change.

Video Analytics 

Our software allows each user to customize when and how they receive the alerts based on your rules to identify whether you would like to be notified when we recognize a person, animal, and/or vehicle. Our analytic software is state-of-the art, using some of the best technology on the market eliminating many of the false alerts that most people are used to with most camera systems.

Expansive Field of View 

Our smart security cameras field of view allows for a great view of your property allowing you to see much more of your property than many other cameras.  This allows the mobile app a better view of your property in up to crystal clear full HD  (1920 x 1080) resolution video.

Real-Time Live View 

Did you get a video notification of someone on your property? Peek in on your property anytime using our live view option within our application or video cable smart touchscreens.
Smart Wireless Security Camera For Home Security Provided By Safelink Security Solutions of OKC, Norman, & Edmond, Oklahoma

24/7 Continuous Recording

Our continuous recording options allow you to go back in time and watch footage in real-time time using our stream recording or onboard storage service. Need to send a an important video clip? Download the clip and share it with friends and family to share that memorable experience that you weren’t able to catch with your mobile phone or help your local neighbors and police with sharing footage to help identify a burglar.

Night Vision

We understand that seeing who is on your property whether the outside lights are on or not is important. Whether it’ stay or night, our smart security cameras will allow you to see who’s on your property using infrared technology regardless of the current lighting conditions.

Low Temperature Operation & Waterproof Dust-Tight 

Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean your camera should not operate. That’s why our smart camera  allows the camera to work in low temperatures as low as -13 degrees F. Those freezing temperatures won’t stop us from getting you the notifications you want. Our exterior cameras are also waterproof and dust-tight to help make those cameras allow for years of use.

Rule Based Notifications 

Our rule based alerts allows you to tell our system when to alert you. Whether you like to be alerted every time our cameras pick up an image or only during certain times, we have you covered. Don’t want notifications while you’re home? Use our geo fencing to temporally disable alerts while your mobile phone is in a specific region.

Voice Control Integration

Use Siri, Alexa or Google Home to arm your alarm system or control another smart connected device within our app. Use phrases like, “Hey Siri, show me my front yard camera” to see a live view of your camera on a connected device.

View Camera Live View  on Smart TV’s 

Use any compatible app connected Smart TV to display your cameras in real time to have a quick 3 minute view of your camera system on your TV. Just think, you will never even have to leave the

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