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Smart Home Security System 

Feel safe at home with a smart home security system. Not just any smart security system OKC but a Safelink Security System smart home security system!


Your smart security system & equipment is of the utmost importance. Our trusted Safelink Security Systems experts can design the smart security system you need. Safelink representatives will evaluate your current alarm system, help you transition to an upgraded smart security setup or simply monitor your existing security system. Safelink Security has multiple alarm monitoring plans for your liking. Contact us to get a home security evaluation.

Because Looks Do Matter

That’s why Safelink Security only uses the most innovative home security systems that look great. So no matter what panel you have, our sleek-designed touch screen is an all-in-one base customizable controller.


Our Home Security Technology 

At Safelink Security Systems, we use the best home security technology around. Our customers describe our components as “Top-Notch compared to other home security systems.” 


The security system control panel allows you to completely control your home security system from a mounted tablet display

Home Security Features:

  • Bluetooth auto disarming 
  • Arm/disarm photos 
  • “See and speak” from your doorbell camera
  • Smart Home Ready
  • Control Smart Switches
  • Use Garage Door Controls
  • Live View of your security cameras
  • Smash and Crash Protection 
  • Smart Rule Based Alerts 
  • Smart Notifications 
  • Face Recognition Detection 
  • Dual path communication for alarms 
  • On board Panic buttons (Medical, Police and Fire)


Alarm Monitoring Service You Can Trust 

When your alarm is triggered, we respond in seconds:

  • 7.8 average seconds to answer incoming calls 
  • 2.85 average rings to answer a call
  • 2 Fully Redundant Call Centers


24/7 Professional Alarm Monitoring 

Our U.L. listed, FM-approved, 5 Diamond Certified alarm monitoring facilities are among the best in America, utilizing the most advanced monitoring technology available.


Dual Redundancy 

Having two for the same is never a bad thing. 

Our alarm monitoring center offers two redundant locations that allow “hot redundancy”, a failover method that removes downtime as much as possible in the event of a system failure. 


Chat Management 

Our chat verification feature allows you to disable your home security system without having to answer a dispatcher’s call. 


Crash and Smash Monitoring 

Safelink Security System’s home security technology includes crash and smash monitoring. This means that we know when your alarm system is triggered. If we never receive your code, we dispatch authorities using our state-of-the-art Crash and Smash monitoring. (not available with all home security systems)


We Monitor Most Existing Home Security Systems

Safelink Security technicians are experienced with many home security systems and can use most existing alarm systems to set up your alarm monitoring plan. Let us monitor or upgrade your current alarm system. Contact us to learn about our alarm monitoring plans.

Call 405–509–5465 For Your Free Home Security Evaluation

Home Security Products

Outdoor Motion Sensor

outdoor motion detectors are an OKC home security product that will illuminate anything that moves in front of the sensor

Glass Break Detection

Glass break sensors are designed to alert you when a window is broken so you know if someone is breaking into your home

CO and Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors & Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home can save your life in the event of a fire or an excess of CO

Home Security Systems

A good home security system will include surveillance cameras, sensors, & alarm monitoring to protect you & your family

Hardwire to Wireless Converters

Safelink Security Systems OKC & Edmond has hardwire to wireless converters so your home security system cannot be cut

Indoor Motion Detection

An Indoor Motion Detector will light up a room & activate security cameras if someone crosses the sensor with the lights off.

Mobile App

The Safelink Security Systems mobile app will allow you to control & monitor your home security system from your phone

Window and Door Contacts

Window contacts & door contacts will provide audible alerts whenever a door or window is opened or if batteries are low

Wireless Remotes & Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can quickly alert authorities without you having to pick up a phone so you can stay hidden from an intruder

Shock Sensors & Tilt Sensors

Shock sensors or tilt sensors can be installed above doorways to tell if a door has been pushed open or not

Sirens & Strobes

Sirens & Strobe lights add extra noise and lights to an alarm system when the alarm system is triggered, scaring burglers .

Home Security

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