A doorbell camera, also called a video doorbell, allows you to see who is at the front door from an alarm system phone app.
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Smarter than other Doorbell Cameras 

Intelligent Video Analytics. See and Talk. Rapid Alerts. HD Quality Video. Cloud Recording 

Our Smart Video Doorbells are some of the most intelligent video doorbells on the market. Its 150-degree vertical field of view allows the doorbell camera to monitor most of your doorway. The two-way audio and full portrait viewing allows one of the best experiences when using our app to see and speak to visitors. Plus, the doorbell has state-of-the-art video analytics to minimize false motion detection. One of the most popular features is enabling our rapid person detection alerts, allowing you to get near-real-time alerts when a person is detected. Pair the doorbell camera with our smart locks and security system, allowing you to control your alarm system and door lock from the doorbell video viewing screen. This product is a must-have if you’d like eyes on your front door when you have visitors or packages delivered to your front door. Our smart video doorbells will help keep an eye on your home, even when you’re away. 

Video Doorbell Features:


See and Speak with Visitors

Get an alert delivered to you in seconds when a visitor approaches your front door or rings the video doorbell. Open your app or use our IQ keypad to see your visitor and talk to them in HD quality video and two-way voice. Do you have a special delivery? Tell the driver where to leave the package or ask them to leave the package in your garage or front entry by remotely opening and closing your door from your mobile app’s video call screen. Is a stranger at your door, and you’re home? Leave your door securely locked while using your mobile app or our Smart Video Capable Touchscreen to talk to the visitor while keeping your alarm system activated. 

Rapid Person Detection Alerts 

A doorbell camera can show you everything that is happening around your front door. Our app changes the way you use your doorbell cameras. Our rapid detection notifications allow you to receive video alert notifications in near real-time when a person is at your front door. You can use a tripwire alert to capture people entering or leaving your property or create ground zone alerts to capture activity in narrow areas, like doorways. 

Mobile-Optimized Experience 

Our smart doorbell 150-degree field of view allows for a great view of your doorbell camera, allowing you to see much more of your doorway than many other doorbell cameras. In addition, our full portrait viewing allows the mobile app to see and talk to your visitors with our clearly visible full hD (1440 x 1920) resolution video. 

Minimize False Alerts 

Our doorbell camera uses its own video analytics software to minimize false-positive motion detection of people, vehicles, and animals. This technology eliminates the hassle of receiving several false alerts that lead others no other choice but to disable these alerts on other systems, leaving their porch unprotected. 

Rule-Based Notifications 

Our rule-based alerts allow you to tell our security system when to alert you. So whether you like to be alerted every time our doorbell cameras pick up an image or only during certain times, we have you covered. Don’t want notifications while you’re home? Use our geofencing to temporally disable alerts while your mobile phone is in a specific region. 

Cloud-Based Storage

Keep your video safe by using our cloud storage to help keep your video clips stored in the cloud. Easily retrieve these clips using our app, even while you’re on the go. Use our protect feature to save the video clip by locking the video if you need to keep the video clip in your cloud for an extended period of time. 

Night Vision

We understand that seeing who is at your front door, whether your outside lights are on or not, is important. So whether it’ stay or night, our smart doorbell camera will allow you to see who’s at your front door up to 15 feet using infrared technology regardless of the current lighting conditions. 

A doorbell camera works with your security system to alert you to someone at the door & allows you to let them in or talk.

Real-Time Live View 

Did you get a video notification of someone on your property? Peek in on your property anytime using our live view option within our application or video cable smart touchscreens. 

Share Video Clips

Whether your video clip is delivered to your phone via one of our intelligent rules or in your cloud storage, you can easily share the recording with friends and family that magical moment that your camera happened to pick up. Or share that suspicious person on your property with your neighbors and the police. View recorded clips at any time, even if you’re on the go.

Low-Temperature Operation 

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your doorbell camera should not operate. That’s why our doorbell camera is equipped with a battery heater that allows for your camera to work in low temperatures as low as -22 degrees F. Those freezing temperatures won’t stop us from getting you the notifications you want. 

Touch-less Video Doorbells 

Who you like to be notified when a person is standing at your door but hasn’t rung your doorbell? Our touch-less doorbell option allows the doorbell to ring your doorbell without a person physically ringing the doorbell. 

Sensor-Triggered Automation

Use our doorbell cameras as a standalone solution or integrate them into one ecosystem with our other automation and security devices to help make your life easier. For example, using our analytic software, your cameras can turn on outdoor smart lighting if there’s a person outside while ignoring animals. You are helping to alert potential intruders that you know that you are on to them. We make managing your property easy. 

**Compatible with most doorbells (requires 16-30 VAC, 10VA), doorbell requires wireless internet and 2.5MB upload speed per second to operate. 

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