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Home Security Systems

Keep Your Home Safe

Home Security Systems are important, and even the safest neighborhoods hear stories of break-ins. There’s no better way than to start securing your home with a smart home security system from Safelink Security Systems. Since 2001, we have been providing Oklahomans with the most advanced security alarms and home automation systems. We offer the quickest response times in the state when it comes to responding to your alarm system. 

Always Connected Smart Alerts

Your home security system will keep you informed to help keep your home safe and secure 24/7. Our all-in-one smart app allows you to set up to receive smart alert notifications to help keep an eye on your property while you are away.

Home Security System Control From Anywhere

We make your life easy by allowing you access to all your smart home-connected devices to help manage your property. Control everything from your smart lighting, locks, security cameras, thermostats, sprinkler systems and home security system on the go using our easy-to-use, all-in-one mobile app.   

Having a home security system in place at your home or business will help to stop intruders from breaking in.

Professional Home Security System Installation 

When it comes to security, the most important part of the home security system is that the security system is installed correctly. An incorrect installation can create several false alarms, or cause a device not to trigger when an alarm occurs. This creates more frustration for property owners and our first responders. Our technicians are licensed to install home security systems and will check to make sure your alarm system is working as expected at the time of your installation. We will also educate you on your home security system at the end of your alarm installation with our valuable walk thru education training program. 

We Install New Home Security Systems

We install the most innovative smart alarm systems on the market. Whether you want a basic alarm system or the most advanced home automation alarm with security cameras, strobe lights & sirens, and panic buttons, we’ve got you covered!

We Monitor Existing Home Security Systems 

Are you happy with everything on your current home security system and only need alarm monitoring? We can monitor most existing alarm systems.  Let our professional alarm monitoring station provide you 24/7 response 365 days per year. Our alarm monitoring station is 5 diamonds rated. That means you are being provided top notch alarm monitoring response times when an alarm is triggered.

Insurance Discounts 

Save up to 20% on your insurance by using our alarm monitoring facility. We provide insurance certificates and many insurance companies provide discounts on your homeowners premiums to help reward you for having a monitored alarm system

Safelink Security Systems OKC would like to place a sign in your yard to advertise to criminals that your home is protected.
A good home security system will alert you anytime there is activity at any entrance to your home or even in your yard.

Weather to Panel 

Need to grab a raincoat before you leave the house? We deliver local weather forecasts to your alarm panel, allowing an at-a-glance look of upcoming weather before you leave when arming your alarm system.

Tornado Alerts 

Oklahomans know that we can have some of the deadliest weather. Our weather smart alerts provide advanced notifications of tornado warnings in your area directly to your security alarm panel.

Unexpected Activity Alerts 

Our unexpected activity alerts allow us to monitor your alarm sensor activity for what we believe to be normal activity. When we noticed something doesn’t seem right, we can send you a notification to be sure everything is okay, even when the home security system is disarmed. 

Safelink Security Systems OKC will install the best home security system in your home and provide alarm monitoring.

Home Security Systems Features

Text to Chat w/ Monitoring Station 

Sometimes it’s difficult to answer the phone when the alarm monitoring station is calling to verify an alarm. That’s why we only use the most advanced communication technology which allows you to use our secure chat feature to confirm or cancel alarm events. 

Secure Dual Path Wireless Communication Option

Forget about your internet or phone lines getting cut. Our wireless communicators use cell phone technology to help get your alarm communication to our central alarm monitoring station. We check in on your home security system from time to time to help make sure the communication line is working. That way, when an alarm occurs, we know the signal should come to us. Our technology creates additional redundant communications with our dual path communicators, adding additional security for your alarm system to call our monitoring station to dispatch authorities. 

2 Way Voice Communication with Our Alarm Monitoring Station 

Two way voice monitoring offers the most unique experience, especially when it comes to verified response of your home security system. When your alarm system is equipped with our two way voice feature, it will allow users a chance to speak with the alarm monitoring station operator in real time to give an update regarding the current situation without having to wait for a phone call. 

Voice Annunciation Keypads

Is the little one on the run again? Older alarm systems can alert you when a door or window is opened when the system is disarmed when a chime feature is activated. Our IQ Smart Alarm System will annunciate the zone to help you understand which door or window opened by pronouncing the zone as it opens. Hearing the word “front door opened” is much better than guessing which door was opened when a traditional chime is activated. 

Home Alarm Systems Integrations

Voice Control Integration

Use Siri, Alexa or Google Home to arm your alarm system or control another smart home connected device within our app. Use phrases like, “Hey Siri” disarm my alarm system or “Hey Siri, show me my front yard security camera” to see a live view of your home security camera on a connected device. 

Control Garage Door

  • Geo Alerts 
  • Rapid Notifications
  • Works with most garage doors
  • Use Garage Door Controls from smart phone or control panel
  • Secure your Door Lock
  • Unlock Your Door Lock
  • Schedule Access Times
  • Automate your home scenes
  • Rapid Alert Notifications
  • Voice Activated Controls

Smart Lights

  • Energy Saving
  • Automate schedules
  • Triggered events
  • Scenes
  • Access your lights from anywhere
  • Deter Crime

Door Lock Automation

  • Control your smart door locks from anywhere
  • Secure your Door Lock
  • Unlock Your Door Lock
  • Schedule Access Times
  • Automate your home scenes
  • Rapid Alert Notifications
  • Voice Activated Controls

Home Security System Convenience

Simplify Routines 

Create scenes that make your life easier by using your smart connected devices around your home to create intelligent energy saving automation. Our scenes can allow a simple touch of a button can lock your front door, turn on your porch lights, turn off your living room lamp , lower your thermostat to a cool temperature and arm your alarm system to the “stay” mode  

Arming Reminders 

Our Safelink Secure and higher package allows you to be notified if your connected device leaves and your alarm system was not armed. We help keep your home protected, even when you forget to activate your home security system.

Want More Information?

Contact Safelink Security Systems OKC & Edmond now about home security or for a custom alarm system and an expert will be in touch with you shortly. 

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