Shock Sensors / Tilt Sensors

Shock Sensors 

Our shock sensors monitor vibrations to alert authorities of vandalism or a break-in. These devices can send early notifications prior to a door or window being broken.

Tilt Sensors 

Know if Its Open 

You know that sinking feeling when you return home and see your garage door open? As an easy entrance into your home you keep a lot of valuable things in your garage. From cars to tools, sports equipment to freezers full of food,there might more value in the garage than the rest of the house combined. Know when it’s open with the our Tilt sensors. A simple device that tells your panel whether the overhead garage door is open or closed, and since your panel is connected to your account, you’ll be able to see the current status of your garage door at any time from your mobile device or computer. 

Security Systems OKC shock sensors & tilt sensors detect the garage tilt and will let you know if the garage door is open.


PowerG PG9935 Shock Sensor 


  • Detects whether a door is opened or closed
  • Receive a text message if the garage is left opened when you leave the house
  • Place on an outdoor tv to help notify if it is being removed from the mount during a theft
  • Wireless placement allows a universal placement
PowerG PG9935 Shock Sensor will notify you if someone is forcefully trying to break in through your garage door.

Qolsys IQ Shock-S 

The IQ Shock-S is an encrypted sensor with superior range specifically designed with multi-level vibration detection. It can alert you if a door is left open, automatically adjust your smart thermostat to save you energy, and provide security for anything that opens or closes. Know when these doors and windows are opened with customizable chimes and unique names spoken by the panels text-to-speech. Create personalized notifications and rules with the interactive app. 


  • Dimensions: 23.97mm D x 39.91mm W x 79.60mm L
  • Frequency: 319.5 MHz
  • Battery: 3V lithium CR123A
  • Magnet Gap: 1 inch max
  • Operating Temperature: 32˚- 110˚F (0˚- 45˚C)
  • Operating Humidity: 5 – 85% RH non-condensing
  • Supervisory signal interval: 60 min (approximately)
  • Potentiometer: Shock sensitivity adjustment
Qolsys IQ shock & tilt sensor has multi-level vibration detectors to detect if your garage door is open or being opened.

IQ TIlt 


  • Detects whether door is open or closed
  • Receive a text message if the garage is left open when you leave your house


  • Sensor: 2.5”H x 1”W x .5”D
  • Wireless signal range: 600ft (200M), open air.
  • Code outputs: tamper, tamper restore, alarm, alarm restore, low battery.
  • Transmitter frequency: 319.5 MHz
  • Unique code ID
  • Supervisory keep-alive interval: 70 minutes.
  • RF Peak field strength: typical 36000 uV/m at 3m
The IQ Tilt sensor will text you if you have left your garage door open so you can close it before intruders enter.

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