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Outdoor Motion Sensors

Safelink Security’s outdoor motion sensors can help protect the outside of your property from intruders by detecting motion while you’re home or away. They can even detect intruders in the dark so authorities can be alerted to your property regardless of lighting conditions. Use Safelink Security System’s outdoor motion detection to help protect your valuables in a gated area, fenced in area or any non-climate controlled area. This would include places like your garage or shop. Also, with our outdoor motion detection devices, you won’t have to worry about false alarms! Safelink Security System’s outdoor motion detection devices are animal friendly. Our outdoor motion detection devices are professionally installed to help prevent false alarms. Would you rather just get notified of an outdoor intrusion and not dispatch local authorities? Use our outdoor motion detection devices to provide advanced warnings when intruders are detected. Our outdoor motion detection sensors are applicable to our alarm monitoring plans and home security systems. This will allow you access to our all-in-one app that sends notifications to your mobile phone. We can even chime your touchpad to alert you inside of your property that an intruder is approaching.


Animal-Friendly Outdoor Motion Detection Devices

Our outdoor motion sensors detects people while ignoring most animals using our dual technology in our motion sensors. We will consider any animals that will be roaming the property while you’re away when we build your system.

Eliminate False Alarms

Many people worry about having motion detectors installed on the exterior of their property. Safelink Security System’s has over 20 years experience installing motion detectors in nearly every property it monitors. We understand what is takes to properly install motion detection devices to help ensure when that motion goes off, it has really detected a person.

Our Motion Detectors Can Make Your Life Easier 

Use our outdoor motion detectors in conjunction with our smart lighting, to turn on your exterior lights at night when motion is detected. Did your alarm go off in the middle of the night and you don’t want to walk outside worrying someone may be lurking in the shadows? Use our smart trigger rules to turn your lights on when an alarm is triggered. Safelink’s smart home automation is some of the finest in the industry. Our outdoor motion sensors work well when connected to a siren or strobe light too.

Tamper Proof 

Don’t let your motion detector be disabled by a potential intruder. Use one of our tamper proof motion detection devices to help keep your motion working when you need it.

Outdoor Motion Detection Event Alerts 

Use Safelink Security System’s app services package to subscribe to alerts when our motion detector triggered an alarm while armed in the ‘away” mode. This allows you to understand what triggered your alarm system and receive a notification to your phone. You can also use our motion detection alerts to your system and schedule alerts to be sent in the event of movement outside of your property within a scheduled timeframe so you do not receive alerts during high traffic times of the day. Pair up with one of our smart cameras to take a peek using our live view from your mobile app using your internet connected device when you receive alerts.


Wireless Motion Detection Devices

No need to spend hundreds of dollars trenching an area to install hardwired motion detection devices. Safelink Security System’s wireless motion detectors offer some of the most advanced motion detection on the market and provide several years of battery life to help keep maintenance down to a minimum. Our outdoor motion detection devices even have a range up to 650 feet help keep an eye on your valuable.
Outdoor motion sensors are part of a good home security system as they can light up your yard at night to see intruders.

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Outdoor Motion Detectors

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