Commercial Security Systems

Safelink Commercial Security Systems – We Power Smart Businesses

A Smarter Business Solution For Securing and monitoring your business.

Our Smart Commerical Security Systems allow an all-in-one solution that offers a smarter business solution for securing and monitoring your business. Connect your security system, lights, locks, thermostats, video, and more for seamless automation and control

  • Set up your alarm system to arm automatically at a certain time daily
  • Easily cancel false alarms or verify a real one from anywhere
  • Automate your lights so that proper areas of your business are well-lit
  • Automatically set the thermostats when the system is armed.
Safelink Security Systems OKC Commercial Alarm Systems Screen View

Simplified System Administration

Gain easy control from anywhere with no local software to manage, 24/7 system health monitoring, and auto updates for security patches and new features.

Property Protection and Automation Awareness 

Create rules to automate events like pressing one button to lock all doors and arm your alarm. Powerful artificial intelligence detects unusual activity and video clipsof critical events are sent automatically to cloud storage.

Safelink Security Systems OKC Commercial Security Systems Screenshot

Open/Close Activity Reports 

Did you open your store on time? Did your employees close down the location 30 minutes early? Real-time alerts and custom activity reports allow you to help stay on top of operations and make informed business decisions.

Robust Data and Network Security 

A secure platform with end-to-end encrypted traffic, dual-factor authentication, and secure VPN connection provide peace of mind.

Powerful Data and Reporting 

Run and download event history for up to one year. Search video clips by sensor activity and create automated reports for instant access

Business Activity Alerts 

Your system will keep you informed to help keep your business safe and secure 24/7. Our all-in-one smart app allows you to set up to receive smart alert notifications regarding your operation to help keep an eye out while you are away.

Business Insights

Get visibility into activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use, and more.

Control From Anywhere

We make your life easy by allowing you access to all your smart business-connected devices to help manage your property. Control everything from your lights, locks, video cameras, thermostats, sprinkler systems and security system on the go using our easy-to-use, all-in-one mobile app.

Critical Event Cloud Storage

Create rules to allow critical events to be stored in the cloud to help keep those important clips secured off site. That way those important clips cannot be destroyed during an emergency

Energy Management

 Control your thermostats schedule from our all in one easy to use mobile or web application. Did your HVAC stop working in the middle of the night?  Get alerts if your temperature-sensitive areas become compromised.

Video Surveillance

Continuous 24/7 HD Recording

Quickly locate any video of important events using our state -of-the art software using the mobile app, website, or the local interface.

Video Detection Analytics

Get smarter video alerts of what’s important to you. Whether you want notifications of people or vehicles:

  • Entering your property
  • When they shouldn’t, while ignoring
  • Unimportant motion like rain
  • Or shadow, or know when people access a secure area, we’ve got you covered.

Night Vision

We understand that seeing who is on your property whether the outside lights are on or not is important. Whether it’ stay or night, our smart cameras will allow you to see who’s on your property using infrared technology regardless of the current lighting conditions.

Smart Clips

Get an automatic update when someone disarms your commercial security systems, unlocks doors, or sets the alarms off.

Commercial Security Systems Video Surveillance in OKC

Video Monitoring

Real Time Live Video

Use your smartphone, tablet or live stream video to “peek-in “on your property while you are on the go. Add a dedicated monitor onsite to allow 24/7 live view at all times while you are on site.

With Video Monitoring, You Can:

  • Watch Live Video
  • View Recorded Clips
  • Schedule recording when the alarm is triggered
  • Receive alerts when a person enters the yard, built not when animals do
  • Turn on lights when a car or person is detected
  • Export clips easily for authorities
  • Received alerts when your business opens or closes late
  • Multiple view locations

Video Health Reports

We keep an eye on your cameras to make sure they are online, your video storage is being properly managed, and your camera views are unobstructed with our 24/7 health monitoring and scheduled status reports

Commercial Security Systems Video Monitoring in OKC

Video Cameras

Indoor/Outdoor PoE

1080p Mini Bullet Camera

  • 1080p HD video
  • Power over Ethernet
  • IR night vision
  • Video Analytics
  • Compact design for discreet visibility
  • IP67-Rated waterproof & dust-tight
Safelink Security Systems OKC mini bullet camera

Indoor/Outdoor PoE

1080p Bullet Camera

  • 1080p HD video
  • Power over Ethernet
  • IR night vision
  • Video Analytics Compatible
  • Bigger design for more visibility
  • IP67-Rated waterproof & dust tight
Safelink Security Systems OKC bullet camera

Indoor/Outdoor PoE

1080p Dome Camera

  • 1080p HD video
  • Power over Ethernet
  • IR night vision
  • Video Analytics Compatible
  • Bigger design for more visibility
  • IP67-Rated waterproof & dust tight
Safelink Security Systems OKC dome camera

Commercial Grade Stream Video Recorder

2TB,6TB, or 12TB Storage Options

  • 1080p HD video
  • 24/7 continuous video recording
  • High capacity storage options
  •  HDMI and VGA output for live video & playback
  • Supports up to 16, 1080P cameras
  • Rack compatible, Commerical industrial design
Safelink Security Systems OKC commercial recorder

Commercial Intrusion Protection

Easily Manage User Codes

Add or remove user codes, assign access by partition and create auto-expiring codes, all from one interface.


Never risk forgetting to arm the system by enabling auto-arming at a set time, or after a pre-determined period of sensor inactivity.


Use scheduled reports to quickly understand operational trends, such as arming/disarming, sensor activity, door access, and more.

System Event History

Access up to 365 days of complete event history for internal record-keeping and auditing.

Safelink Security Systems OKC video alert

Activity Notifications

Receive instant notification of critical issues such as a possible intrusion, power outage, late open, early close, or off-hour disarm

Smarter Access Control

Smarter Access Control is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that helps you manage access to your business locations from anywhere.

Easy User and Permission Management

Save time by uploading users in bulk and easily set when and where they have access.

Anywhere Access

Use the mobile app or website to lock or unlock doors from anywhere, at any time.

Detect Unusual Activity 

Receive immediate notifications when doors are accessed at unusual times or by unknown people and act if necessary.

Safelink Security Systems OKC smarter access control

Video Tagged For Access Events 

Associate events with video recordings to easily find footage of door entries or failed access attempts.

Multi Location Management

Safelink Security Systems OKC multi management

Commercial Security Systems

Manage all your properties from one dashboard, including real-time status of doors, alarm states, live video, and more.

User Management 

Easily create or revoke alarm user codes and card access permissions across multiple locations.

Location Hierarchy 

Organize locations into logical groups, such as by region or manager, and easily move locations between groups to accommodate business growth.

Unified Settings 

Apply the same settings for business hours, notifications, and more across a group of locations.

Multi-Location Reports 

Automatically receive scheduled multi-location activity reports to get actionable insight across all your properties