Indoor Motion Sensor

Our infrared indoor motion detection systems help protect the inside of your home from intruders by detecting motion while you’re away. Our infrared detection can even detect intruders in the dark so we can alert authorities to your property regardless of lighting conditions. Don’t worry about false alarms, the indoor motion sensor from Safelink are pet friendly and professionally installed to help prevent false alarms.

The mobile app from Safelink Security Systems OKC & Edmond will alert you if your indoor motion sensor is triggered

Benefits of Indoor Motion Sensors

Pet Friendly Motion Sensors

Our indoor motion sensors detects people while ignoring most pets using our pet immune technology in our motion sensors. In most cases, our pet friendly motion detectors allow you to arm your system’s motions detectors in, regardless if you have an animal or not. We will consider any pets that will be roaming the house while you’re away when we build your system.

Eliminate False Alarms

Many people worry about having motion detectors installed on their home due to previously having several false alarms. Safelink System’s has over 20 years experience installing motion detectors in nearly every property it monitors. We understand what is takes to properly install motion detection devices to help ensure when that motion goes off, it has really detected a person.

Our Motions Can Make Your Life Easier 

Did you know that many people injure themselves while walking in their home in the middle of the night? Use our motion detector with our smart lights to turn on your lamps or an entire room when it’s dark. Did your alarm go off in the middle of the night and you don’t want to walk into a dark room worrying someone may be lurking in the shadows? Use our smart trigger rules to turn your lights on when a person is detected by your motion detector.

Tamper Proof 

Don’t let your motion detector be disabled by a potential intruder. Use one of our tamper proof motion detection devices to help keep your motion working when you need it.

Indoor Motion Detection Event Alerts 

Use our app services package to subscribe to alerts when our motion detector triggered an alarm while armed in the ‘away” mode This allows you to understand what triggered your alarm system and receive a notification to your phone. You can also use our motion detection alerts to your system and schedule alerts to be sent in the event of movement inside of your property , Schedule a timeframe to not send the alerts in the event of high traffic times of the day based on your patterns.