A Study In Scrutiny – Alarm Monitoring Systems

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A Study In Scrutiny - OKC Alarm Monitoring Systems

A Study In Scrutiny - Alarm Monitoring Systems

OKC Alarm Monitoring


Alarm monitoring systems are designed to connect your home security network to a security service provider, where the provider’s central hub is on the receiving end of alerts and emergencies. The security company forwards the particulars to law enforcement authorities in extreme events.

That is pretty much the gist of it. But what does such a system entail & how does it fit into the IoT of monitoring security? Safelink Systems will expound on that thought of yours with a simple ‘cameras, software, sensors, & smart automation.’

1. You Need An Eye On Things

There are various IP, digital, wireless, & CCTV cameras that form the basics of a monitoring system. You need eyes on the ground from critical vantage points covering a location (suppose your residence).

The better the resolution & vision features, the sharper the footage. That depends on the risk associated with an establishment to factor in the costs of a more robust camera installation system. Our Safelink smart security cameras offer crisp, crystal-clear images that can be captured in daylight & via night vision.

2. Stimuli Trigger Sensors

Rather than have a guard manually scour through the real-time footage to evaluate threats, advanced cameras no longer come as part of an analog audiovisual monitoring system. Now various sensors work with the camera’s viewing angles to intelligently identify moving targets & sound alarms. That eliminates the costs of excess security personnel and reduces human error in relaying security breaches.

3. Software Sends The Alerts

Depending on your monitoring setup, you can receive the alerts at your home or office. Safelink utilizes geolocating to customize the physical parameters of where you can receive the alerts. If there is a significant occurrence at the place being monitored, your monitoring company will be involved & thoroughly responsible for relaying the nature of the emergency to the authorities.

4. Devices Coordinate

Being vastly wireless in Safelink’s design, the visually active components of a monitoring system can also coordinate motion capture to present a seamless reconstruction of events. Intruders, burglars, or cat thieves, you get them all on the cloud in crisp quality. The better your devices are coordinated, the sooner your monitoring company representatives can respond.

5. Intelligent Analytics

Your monitoring company carries a colossal undertaking to work in your security interests by providing you with the equipment & materials for the monitoring plan. Safelink monitoring representatives have the system designed to afford max privacy but with safeguards to ensure nothing goes awry with their client on their watch.

On a sufficiently large clientele, the exercise helps with amassing vital data analytics to predict burglary trends in various neighborhoods. This is why Safelink has verified views – we really do contribute to society!

Safelink Systems, serving Mustang, OK, offer a robust number of security services, equipment, & monitoring plans to fully encapsulate you & your loved ones from the dangers of an insecure neighborhood. We also offer home security audits & installation to get you into the zone for our highly ethical & responsive monitoring setups.

Please get in touch with us for more details & free estimates. Be awed by our smart security equipment features & offerings!