What is a Flood Sensor?

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Flood sensors help prevent major water damage by alerting you when there is potential flooding going on inside your property.

Water is essential to our everyday lives, but if it gets out of control, it has the potential to be one of the most damaging things that you can have in your home. Floods may cause devastating losses to the exterior of a home or business but interior water damage is often what takes a bigger hit. When water damage is not found in a timely manner, it can produce life-threatening toxic black mold. Flooding happens and the damage that it leaves can cause you to pull your hair out. That’s why at Safelink Security Systems we have a water leak sensor available for you. We can help curb that anxiety and risk of seeing your home damage. Below we discuss what a flood sensor is, why you should consider getting one, and how you can get your free installation estimate on our website! 


What is a Water Detector? 

Owning a home or business can be a big challenge. The stats say that about 1 in 60 home owners will experience flood damage and 98% of people with basements will experience some sort of water damage issue at least once. Water or flood damage can happen but with the right leak sensor the problem can be resolved quickly, saving you money, time, stress and most importantly you and your family will stay safe.  Flood sensors are installed to monitor water, temperature and moisture levels. Those that have secondary homes should use this as an added protection. Flood Sensors help monitor interior and exterior damage sources so that if your home or business starts to flood, you’ll know, even if you aren’t there. 


How Does a Water Leak Detector Work? 

The water leak sensors will discover water in the specific location that you have placed around your home. Once detected, the leak sensors will alert the homeowner via smartphone app if it is Wi-Fi enabled. Those that have secondary homes or are out of town, the notification can be sent to a friend or family member near the home as well in order to address the situation appropriately. There is an option for some flood sensors to have an automatic shut off to the pipes or appliance to prevent the leak from getting worse. 


Where is the Best Place to Put a Water Leak Sensor? 

The areas that a water detector will be best suited for are areas with leaky pipes, faulty plumbing, and household appliances. A few examples are dishwashers, sinks, toilets, furnaces and boilers, washing machines and hot-water heaters. When placing the sensor in the bathroom, the areas where they will be more effective are near the toilet, tubs, under the sinks which can detect leaks from faucets and pipes, in the case of clogs or overflows.


The location with the biggest appliances are the kitchen and laundry rooms. These appliances can leak, for example dishwashers, freezers, sinks, washing machines, refrigerators and basins. The preferred location will be underneath the appliances and under the kitchen sink. Attics and garages are locations in your home that can affect the foundation. Leaks and condensation can cause wall cracks, door and roof damage. It will be wise to have Flood sensors installed to avoid a very costly repair.


The Basement can be a place where people store things and may rarely do upkeep. Many of your homes’ water lines and other pipes pass through the basement. This is usually the hub to power the home which is why installing leak sensors in this vulnerable area is highly recommended. Hot water heaters, HVAC systems, some may have secondary refrigerators or freezers, washing machines, faulty septic, and sewage systems are all things that have the potential to cause water damage. Outside elements could pose a threat as well, having excess weather can produce massive amounts of groundwater. 


Different types of Flood Detectors and Sensors 

Here at Safelink Security Systems, we have quite a few different types of leak sensors to choose from. Each has their own set of  pros and cons to help regulate your home. Our Flood sensor options include:

  • Power G Wireless Flood Detector 
  • IQ Water Shut Off Valve
  • Honeywell Wireless Water Sensor & Water Probe
  • 2GIG Wireless Flood Sensor
  • IQ Wireless Temperature Sensor
  • Honeywell Wireless Temperature Sensor 
  • 2GIG Wireless Temperature Sensor 


Flood Sensors for Sale at Safelink Security Solutions

Call and schedule an appointment with Safelink Security Systems. You don’t want to wait until your home is flooded. Call the experts and have them walk you through the process for your water leak sensors. Protecting your home, yourself and your loved ones is our priority. Safelink Security Solutions was selected as best home security in 2021 by expertise.com in Oklahoma City. We strive to make your home safer, providing the fastest response times in the industry. Give us a call and join the list of protected homes in your neighborhood. 



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