30 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

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30 Ways to Make Your Home Safer In OKC From Burglars, Floods, and Home Invaders

30 Ways to Make Your Home Safer In OKC From Burglars, Floods, and Home Invaders

There is no place on Earth without risks. Even your home– a place you’re supposed to feel comfortable and safe in– can be exposed to danger and harm. Home invasions, fires, even innocent accidents occur all the time, and could be life changing. That’s why it’s so important to take preventative measures for household dangers. By being proactive you could save lives, your home, and important items. Check out these 30 ways to make your home safer


Protection Against Home Invasions


1. Get a Security System

We can’t recommend security systems enough for promoting home safety. Whether you’re looking for quick response from law enforcement or medical assistance, surveillance of the home, or home automation, security systems have got you covered. 

2. Install Security Cameras

While many times a security camera is installed with a home security system, these cameras can be used by themselves as well. Cameras often scare away potential intruders, since they don’t want to be seen or caught. However, if a home invasion does occur, cameras will help in catching the assailants. 

3. Add Glass Break Sensors

Glass Break Detectors or an especially great way to protect yourself if intruders attempt to break in through the window. Detection devices will trigger the alarm response the second it hears the specific pitch and frequency of breaking glass. While they cannot prevent an invasion, they’re great for scaring off burglars, and alerting you and your neighbors. 

4. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “well, duh.” But more people leave their doors and windows unlocked than you’d think! No matter how small, or quiet, or tight-knit your neighborhood is, home invasions are ALWAYS possible. Lock. Your. Doors. People.

5. Make Porch Lights Automatic

Sometimes, a peephole just isn’t enough. By making your porch lights automatic, you’ll be able to see whatever unexpected visitor is coming to your door at night. Even more so, a light turning on automatically has the ability to put off potential intruders.

6. Add Security Stickers

This is an easy trick for those who want to spend the least amount of money possible. Putting security stickers onto windows and doors act as a warning, and have the ability to turn away robbers. However, this is not a guarantee, and we’d definitely recommend installing a security camera to back you up. 

7. Invest in a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are great, because unlike a peephole and unlike automated porch lights, you can see who is outside without leaving your location. And even better, you’ll have this person on video in case they do harm to you or your home.

8. Don’t Leave Garage Door Openers in the Car

This is something many people never even consider, but leaving garage openers in cars parked in the driveway or on the street gives invaders easy access into your home. Cars are easy to break into, and once that happens, the invader will be in your home by the click of a button. 

9. Add Window Sensors

According to the FBI, over 50% of burglars enter through the front or back door to enter a home, and a good percentage enter through windows. Obviously, the first way to prevent this is– say it with me– LOCK YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS! The second best way is to install sensors, which alert you when doors or windows are opened, because this protects potential entry points.  

10. Keep Your Garage Closed

If you’re a homeowner, you know how easy it is to forget to close the garage door. You’re already halfway through your drive to work and the thought crosses your mind: did I close the garage door? You’re sound asleep, when you jolt up from bed: did I close the garage door? 

Keeping the garage closed is important to keep your home safe, but easily forgotten. However, there are apps and home security systems that can aid in reminding you and allow you to close the garage door from your phone

11. Add a Door Brace

If you’re needing something quick, easy, and lower on the price range, a door brace is a great way to protect your home. With a door brace, breaking in with blunt force is not going to work. These are great options for apartments or homes with few points of entry.

12. Close Your Blinds at Night

This is another simple tip that most people don’t think about. If lights are on inside but it’s dark outside, people can see inside your home. Invaders can see when you’re not at home and take advantage of that. On the other hand, creeps or stalkers can see when you are home and again, take advantage of that. Close your blinds. 

13. Be on High Alert When Answering the Door

When there’s a knock on your door, or the doorbell rings, you should immediately check who it is– this is where a peephole or a doorbell cam comes in handy. If you do not know the person outside, do not let them inside. And above all, tell the little ones NEVER to answer the door without your permission. 


Family Safety and Preventative Measures


14. Prepare for Tornadoes

Natural disasters are unpredictable and can happen in an instance. Living in Oklahoma, we know the dangers of tornadoes first hand– that’s why it’s incredibly important to have a designated shelter stocked with food, water, a first aid kit, and whatever else you deem necessary.

15. Keep and Emergency Supply of Food and Water

Going off from the previous tip, an emergency supply of food and water is a smart, proactive action to take. You never know what could happen, and food and water are the first things to run out during emergencies. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

16. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

At-home accidents are incredibly common, and having a first-aid kit proves to be very beneficial during these instances. These can treat smaller injuries, and assist with managing larger injuries till professional help arrives.

17. Learn CPR

You might never have to use it, but you should know how to perform CPR. Performing CPR can help keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other crucial organs until medics arrive. That knowledge can save your life, loved ones’ lives and even strangers’ lives. 

18. Teach Internet Safety

The Internet is a great way to stay connected and entertain yourself, but it poses some serious dangers– especially to children who don’t know any better. If you’ve got kids, it’s extremely important to teach them Internet safety such as don’t give out personal information, especially passwords, addresses and phone numbers, don’t add people that you don’t personally know, and avoid clickbait. 


These next three tips might seem to differ a little from the rest, but they are still key ways to promote safety at home.


19. Take Advantage of Password Vaults

Nowadays, passwords are required for everything. Websites, phones, apps and subscriptions all require passwords– and to maximize safety, every single one should be different. Having a password vault can be a great idea to keep all of your passwords safe, in one place, and accessible to only you.

20. Secure Your WiFi

Leaving your wireless network unsecured is the same as leaving all the doors in your home unlocked. Hackers can easily breach through your unsecured network and gain access, steal, or destroy your sensitive and important information

21. Be Careful of What You Post on Social Media

This may sound like common sense, but unfortunately for many it’s not. Be aware of what you post on social media, and how online predators, stalkers, and flat-out creeps can take advantage of it. Do not post your keys, your address, your phone number, your license, your passwords, or ANY other personal information online. Just don’t. 


Indoor and Outdoor Safety


22. Secure Any Drugs or Weapons You May Have

This tip is mainly for those with kids, but it’s also a good idea for those without. Children having access to these items can be seriously dangerous, and burglars may want to steal them as well to sell or even use themselves. Keep medications and weapons in a safe, hard-to-access place.

23. Install Flood or Freeze Sensors

Serious damage can occur from broken or frozen pipes. To avoid spending way too much money in damage repairs, it might be easier to use a home automation system which can detect issues with temperature and water

24. Buy a Fire Ladder

A fire ladder is a good idea to purchase if you have a two story home. Fires spread quickly and by the time you realize there is one, your escape route is gone. It’s always good to take preventative measures, especially when it could save lives, such as investing in a fire ladder. 

25. Purchase a Fire Extinguisher

In the event of a fire, your first priority should be to get you, and everyone else in your home, out safely– if the fire is spreading rapidly, you need to get out, not attempt to put it out. Still, fire extinguishers could create a quick escape path through flames, or prevent a smaller fire from expanding. 

26. Get A Panic Button

A panic button is a wireless remote that will automatically contact your alarm monitoring station when the panic button is pressed. This can be incredibly helpful when you are unable to reach a phone as well as a discreet way to alert authorities if an intruder is in your home.

27. Fence in Your Yard

A fence might seem simple, but it can actually be very helpful in promoting home safety. By installing a fence, especially one with a lock, you can prevent unwanted intruders. Also, fences can help in keeping out wild animals which could be a danger to children and pets. 

28. Be Intentional With Your Landscaping

Landscaping often gets overlooked for its role in protecting the house, but it can actually be an amazing tool in preventing home invasions and stalking instances. By trimming bushes and cleaning up overgrowth, you take away burglars’ places to hide. Additionally, by planting thorny plants near windows and entry points, no one would be able to peer in or enter the home without getting some serious scratches. 

29. Practice Grill Safety

Grill safety might seem silly, but it’s actually very important in preventing danger. First and foremost, grills should be kept on concrete or patio surfaces. They should be at least 10 feet away from landscaping, which can easily catch fire, and your house, which, you guessed it, can easily catch fire. Secondly, if you’re going to fire up the grill, make sure you know how to use it properly.

30. Install CO and Smoke Detectors

Some installations detect both smoke and CO, while some do not. If you only have a smoke detector you need a CO detector, and vice-versa. Being alerted when smoke or carbon monoxide is present in the house could potentially save lives or prevent serious injury. 


Take the First Step Towards Securing Your Home 

It’s always better to be safer than sorry, but keeping your home protected is a lot of work! This is just 30 ways to make your home safer and there are more ways to protect your home that can take a lot of work. That’s why Safelink Security Systems wants to make it easier for you. We offer a range of services, from protection against burglars, fire, and weather, to light and temperature control. Our goal at Safelink is to have you feeling as safe and comfortable as possible in your home.


Give us a call or browse our website if you’re interested in how Safelink Security Solutions can help you!


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