The 12 Best Smart Home Devices for 2022

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The smart home market is booming, with products designed to fit every budget and lifestyle. Smart Home devices are designed to be easy to install and incorporate with the rest of your home. There’s no need for rewiring your whole house, just speakers or TVs connecting wirelessly to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, which can control them remotely in response to voice commands. This blog post will help you choose the right smart home product for you for 2022.



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A smart home is a home that is designed to be more energy-efficient, more secure, and more convenient than a typical home. As a result, the smart home market has seen an uptick in spending, with over half of consumers now considering it a priority. Smart home products span multiple categories, including connected thermostats, lighting systems, security products, and utility management.

Smart security cameras

Smart security cameras are one of the first products that consumers look for when starting their search for a smart home. They incorporate a range of technologies from facial recognition to motion sensors. They act as a “Neighborhood Watch” system and are easy to install, watching over your home and family while you’re away. They also include several standard features, like night vision, panic buttons, and cloud storage.

Garage door control

Garage doors are a massive part of your home’s security. Automated garage doors allow you to open your garage door when you come home and let it close back down after you’ve left. They are available for both manual and electric options and include features like geofencing that keeps your doors closed until you get close and a plethora of alerts. Some also include features that will let you see what is happening on your property from anywhere in the world using a web browser and send alerts when someone tries to break into your home through your garage.

Video doorbell

Video doorbells are simple but highly effective security devices. You can have them installed on your front door, and they will send you a push notification if anyone comes by. They are ideal for those who live in apartment or condo buildings where visual inspection is the primary way to ensure privacy. The video doorbells run on batteries that typically last up to a year. You can even angle the camera to catch the doorstep to make sure you see the entire person.

Smart locks

A smart lock can be very convenient at home. There are locks that you can open with a mobile app and others that include built-in cameras to see who is at your door without having to open it. Some smart locks will alert you if someone tries to break into your home, while others have panic buttons to keep intruders out. In addition, you can buy locks that come with 2-way speakers so you can hear when someone is at the door without opening the lock.

Flood and Temperature Safety Detection

Flood and temperature safety detection systems can help make your home more energy-efficient and smart. They feature a sensor that detects flooding or high-temperature conditions that can’t be viewed by the human eye to help detect an emergency. The devices will then send you alerts and turn on lights, air conditioning, heaters, or even pumps to dehumidify the area before things get too bad.

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Smart lighting controls let you turn lights on and off from anywhere and adjust the brightness. You can also set them to automatically come on at specific times or when you come home from work. This is helpful for when you want to feel more secure at home, set the mood for a movie night, or adjust your lights for your morning routine. In addition, bluetooth-enabled smart light bulbs are available, so you can control them with a mobile app even when you aren’t home. There are also Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs so that you can control them from your smartphone.

Smart Home Thermostat Device

Smart thermostats are a great way to save energy while keeping your home at the perfect temperature. They range from simple smartphone apps to full-featured robotic assistants with verbal commands and can work with your other smart home devices. You can purchase stand-alone thermostats or bundles that include smart home products such as smart light bulbs and motion sensors. Thermostats control your home’s heating and cooling systems to keep it at a set temperature.

Smart Sprinkler System

Smart sprinkler systems allow you to monitor and control your sprinklers from anywhere. They are installed similarly to smart locks, with some saving or saving information in the cloud. For example, you can view a real-time map of your sprinkler system and zoom in to see what areas need watering. Unlike a typical sprinkler system, smart sprinklers can turn from one zone to the next, so you save time and money on water.

Smart Leak Detection

Smart leak detection systems monitor your water lines for leaks and send you alerts if there are issues. This smart home device can be installed at home or in your business, with the waterworks running near the pipes. The alerts are sent electronically and through your phone or home security system if you are using one. A minor leak can cause thousands of dollars in property damage, so it is important to have these devices installed.

Smart Auto For Smart Home Devices

Smart auto is becoming more popular as the industry advances in technology. With smart auto, you can make your car control for your house. For example, opening your garage door or turning on the lights before walking in. All of these features seem to be more abundant as time goes on. Soon you should expect to be able to control your home from the touchscreen in your vehicle completely.

Voice Control and One-Touch Automation

Voice control and one-touch automation make controlling your smart home easy. For example, you can play music, turn up the thermostat, lock your doors, or check the status of your security system with ease. The systems are tied to your smart display and work with an Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other voice assistant devices. They also can automatically adjust to various settings based on who is in the house.

Smart Home Speaker

Some speakers can talk to you and connect with your other smart home devices. For example, you can ask it to play music, provide information on whether or news, or even look up a recipe. Available in various colors and designs, the speakers can be easily mounted on the wall or placed on the tabletop, always within arm’s reach. This is a great way to make your home more interactive or fun and provide you with information at a single glance of your smart home hub.

In conclusion, smart home technology has the potential to make the things we use at home more energy-efficient and safer. It can help us save money by automatically operating our systems, monitoring our homes for emergencies, or creating a more enjoyable environment with automated light switches. For professional installation of smart home products, visit Safelink. They will help you select the smart home devices that best fit your needs and install them in a timely, professional fashion.

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