Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

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Protecting your home while on vacation is a must to make sure intruders do not break in and steal your valuables

Protecting your home while on vacation is a must to make sure intruders do not break in and steal your valuables

Let’s be real. Every single person deserves vacations from work to maintain their sanity. But, unfortunately a lot of people spend their entire vacation time worrying about things back home, and that’s not a vacation. If you’re someone who falls under that category then Safelink Security Systems has the solutions you need. Below, we have put together useful tips for protecting your home while on vacation so that you can have peace of mind that your property is safe while you’re gone. 

Securing The Outside Of Your Home

Securing the outside of your home is the first step of things you can do to reduce the chances of your home being broken into or vandalized while you’re on vacation. Here we have compiled a list of things to do to help secure the outside of your home while on vacation.


  • Lock everything

    The first and most obvious tip that we have for you when you’re going out of town, is to make sure you lock all entry points to your home. That includes doors, windows, screens, garage doors, cars, etc.. You could even install a smart lock onto your front door which will help deter thieves into trying to “pick the lock”. 

  • Remove any spare keys 

    Thanks to word of mouth and decades of making the same mistakes, there aren’t a lot of places that you can hide an extra house key on the exterior of your home that thieves won’t know about. It’s always a safe choice to go ahead and remove any spare keys that might be hidden on the exterior of your home.

  • Suspend your mail

    A full mailbox or front door mat that has multiple packages on it is a big indicator that no one is currently home. If you’re expecting to be out of town for a long period of time, or are just expecting several packages while you’re gone, then you might consider having the mail carrier hold your mail, or have a trusted friend come get your mail while you’re gone. 

  • Leave a car in the driveway

    Having a car parked in your driveway is an easy way to suggest that someone is home. If you don’t have an extra car, then ask a friend or even neighbor if they would park their car in your driveway for a few days while you’re gone. 

Securing The Inside Of Your Home

Securing the inside of your home is another part of protecting your home while on vacation and just as important as securing the outside of your home. Here we have compiled a list of things to do to help secure the inside of your home while on vacation. 

  • Keep valuables out of sight

    This one might seem a bit obvious, but it’s necessary to always put valuable items in safe places if available when you’re planning on being out of town for a while. Thieves are always on the lookout for easy opportunities, and having valuables out in the open makes for an easy target. It would only take seconds for a thief to see valuables through a window, smash the window, and take what isn’t theirs. 

  • Consider purchasing curtains

    Another simple and a bit obvious tip to avoid break-ins, is to consider purchasing curtains so that it is harder for people to see inside your home. With this tip you have to be careful, though. If your curtains are closed all day everyday then that could indicate, to a potential thief, that you are out of town. 

  • Use lights strategically

    Lights are an easy thief prevention trick that more times than not, people don’t take advantage of. Having a light on in your home is an indicator that someone is actively in their home, therefore decreasing the chances that someone chooses your home to break into. Leaving all the lights on in your home might come off as a little strange. The best solution to where no unwanted attention is drawn your way, is to have lights that are on a timer. 

  • Leave a TV or radio on

    Just like lights, TVs and/or radios that are on give the impression that someone is actively in your home. Radios and TVs are much easier to hook up to smart plugs that turn on your devices at a certain time as well, so take advantage! 

Protecting Your Home While On Vacation With Safelink Security Systems

We could go on and on about different things you can try to do to deter thieves while protecting your home while on vacation, but the solution that is 100% guaranteed to keep your home and belongings safe while you’re away is to install Safelink Security Systems. Our home security systems are the best solutions that link together the security of the interior and exterior of your home for ultimate security while you’re on vacation. When thinking about protecting your home in its entirety, the first things that come to mind are things like:


  • Outdoor security lights
  • Motion sensors
  • “Beware of Dog” sign
  • Security guard sign or sticker


But none of those things guarantee to deter a thief, and even worse, there’s no way to help catch whoever breaks in. Here at Safelink Security, our alarms are smart and we only use what we know are the most innovative and safe security systems. Our systems are tested to be user friendly, we have 24/7 round the clock employees monitoring your security, all of our employees pass background checks, and we are a local company. As a local company, we have experienced the lack of security in the OKC area first hand, but our solutions have been made to fit the specific needs of every situation. 


When you choose Safelink Security, we will provide you with professional security services that include but are not limited to:



Safelink Security has solutions for every security threat that your home and belongings could potentially undergo. It is our job to make sure that your family and property are safe and protected when you’re at home and away from home. Give us a call, visit us in person, or check out our products online to learn more about what we can do for you.





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