Top 9 Reasons Your Business Needs SafeLink Commercial Security System Cameras

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Best Security Cameras At Your Business

Has your business ever had an instance where you wish you had gotten something on film but you don’t have security cameras at your business? Whether it be something serious like a robbery or something silly like your co-worker falling? Whatever reason is a good reason to invest in commercial surveillance cameras. You are not convinced why your business should have a security system. Let’s take a deeper dive into 9 specific reasons you should consider getting commercial security cameras from SafeLink Security Systems. 

Why You Need Security Cameras At Your Business

1. Reduces and Prevents Break-ins and Thefts

The first and most obvious reason you should get security cameras is to reduce the number of criminals who look at your commercial building as a target. Even the sight of a camera will deter someone from trying to steal, break in, or worse: Sleepover (Nothing is worse than when someone doesn’t know when to leave). Thankfully, security cameras know how to make a good impression so that you don’t have to worry about unwanted visitors.

2.    Live Monitoring Provides More Security

As a busy business owner, we get that sometimes you aren’t able to be at work 24/7. But even when you’re not physically at work, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s going on at your business–now that’s a compromise. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your business while also running those errands you’ve been putting off for a month. It’s as easy as a click away on your phone, tablet, or computer to access live monitoring to gain necessary insight.  

3.    Puts Customers at Ease

When customers are out shopping, whether they realize it or not, they are putting themselves at risk for a disaster to happen and it is not caught on camera. For most customers, when they see a surveillance camera, they subconsciously become confident and feel safer knowing that if something were to happen, it would be caught on camera. Either that or they’re hoping the business doesn’t have a “wall of shame” that puts thieves on display– but if a customer is worried about getting caught stealing, you probably don’t want them shopping there anyways.

4.    Provides Proof

Going along with number 3, catching a situation on camera can save a lot of trouble, time, and money if something terrible were to happen because it would be caught on camera – making it physical evidence. But let’s not just think about the times video surveillance provides proof for robberies and break-ins, but also proof of one of your co-workers being silly or making a fool of themselves when they think no one is watching. 

5.    No More “He said, she said”

It is inevitable that at some point with your business, you will have a situation where there will be a dispute with employee against employee, employee with customer, or customer with customer. When you install commercial surveillance cameras from SafeLink Security Solutions, you won’t have to worry about the annoying and unreliable game of “he said, she said” because you have video evidence of what really happened. 

6.    Discourages Employee Theft 

We aren’t saying that you are hiring thieves, but even if your employees undergo a background check, you never know what they will do when they think no one is watching them. By installing cameras, it’s an easy tactic to reduce the number of thefts done by your employees. People are less likely to steal or do things they shouldn’t if they know it’ll be on camera. 

7.    Encourages Employee Productivity

Aside from security cameras discouraging employee theft, they also encourage employee productivity–it’s the best of both worlds. All of us have been or worked with the “slacker” employee. No one likes them, but unless you have actual evidence of them sleeping on the job, it is all just a game of “he said, she said”. With commercial security cameras, that problem is instantly fixed. 

8.    Money Saver

All business owners know that they need some sort of security whether it be a watchdog, an aggressive cat, or on the pricier end, an actual security guard. The most practical solution to save money in all aspects of security is to invest in surveillance cameras, and not the fake ones that have a sign next to it that says “Smile, you’re on camera”, we mean actual surveillance cameras where you have instant access to the footage. 

9.    Instant Access to Footage

By installing surveillance cameras with SafeLink Security Systems, you will have instant access to all footage. If something were to happen where you do need to access footage, you don’t want to be that business owner where you aren’t able to access it. With SafeLink Security Systems you’ll never have to worry about not being able to have instant access to footage. 

Why Choose SafeLink Security Systems For Security Cameras At Your Business?

The answer is simple, really. Whether you need cameras for a commercial or a home security system, here at SafeLink Security System not only is our goal to create a safer community, but to make security accessible for everyone. Our alarm systems are mobile friendly, we have 24/7 alarm monitoring, our employees all go through a background check and are trained professionals. That is just a small glimpse into what we offer here at SafeLink Security Systems, check out our website, give us a call or stop by in person to learn more about how we can protect your home and/or business. 






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