Unmonitored vs Monitored Security Systems: Protecting Your Home & Peace of Mind

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The biggest difference between a monitored & unmonitored security system is the response time from emergency personnel.

In today’s fast-paced world, home security is a top priority for homeowners seeking to safeguard their loved ones and valuable possessions. With technological advancements, various security systems (like Safelink Security Systems) have emerged to meet the diverse needs of homeowners. Two common options are unmonitored and monitored security systems. Which of these systems should you use? The answer to using unmonitored vs monitored security systems depends on your desired level of interaction and response with your home security system.


What is a Home Security System?

A home security system is a comprehensive network of devices and protocols designed to protect your property and enhance safety. These systems typically consist of sensors, alarms, cameras, and control panels. When a security breach is detected, such as a break-in, fire, or environmental hazard, the system responds accordingly to notify homeowners and/or authorities.


What are Unmonitored Security Systems?

Unmonitored security systems are self-installed setups that rely on homeowners to respond to alarms and alerts triggered by the system. These systems often include sensors, sirens, and sometimes video surveillance cameras. When an alarm is activated, a loud siren sounds, alerting anyone nearby of the potential threat. While unmonitored systems can deter criminals through the noise alone, the effectiveness relies on individuals or neighbors taking appropriate action when alerted.


What are Monitored Security Systems?

On the other hand, monitored security systems provide an additional layer of protection by connecting your home to a professional monitoring service. These systems are typically installed by security companies and come with monthly monitoring subscriptions. When a security event occurs, such as a triggered alarm or sensor, the system notifies the monitoring center. Trained professionals at the center assess the situation and promptly dispatch the appropriate authorities, such as the police, fire department, or medical services, as necessary.


Difference In Using Unmonitored Vs Monitored Security Systems

In terms of equipment, there is not much difference between an unmonitored & monitored security system. With that said, there are still some major differences between the 2 types of systems.


Response Time

The most significant advantage of monitored systems is their ability to provide rapid response times. With professionals monitoring your home 24/7, any potential threat can be identified and addressed promptly. In contrast, unmonitored systems rely on homeowner or neighbor response, which may not always be immediate or available.


Professional Intervention 

Monitored security systems provide the benefit of professional intervention. When an alarm is triggered, professionals assess the situation, contact you to verify the emergency, and dispatch the appropriate authorities. This level of support ensures that even if you are away or unable to respond, your home is protected.


Enhanced Protection 

Monitored systems often offer additional features such as environmental monitoring, smoke detection, and carbon monoxide alerts. These advanced capabilities provide comprehensive protection for your home, beyond just burglary prevention. Unmonitored systems typically lack these integrated features.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that a team of experts is constantly monitoring your home gives you peace of mind, whether you’re at work, on vacation, or sound asleep. Monitored systems offer an extra layer of security and reassurance, allowing you to trust that your property and loved ones are protected.


What is 5 Diamond Monitoring?

5 Diamond Monitoring is a certification issued by The Monitoring Association (TMA), a non-profit organization that establishes industry standards for monitoring centers. The certification signifies the highest level of monitoring center service and expertise. To achieve 5 Diamond status, monitoring centers must meet stringent criteria, including the use of redundant and advanced technology, ongoing operator training, and commitment to reducing false alarms. Choosing a security provider with 5 Diamond Monitoring ensures that your home security is entrusted to a highly qualified and reliable monitoring service. With Safelink Security Systems, we use two, 5 diamond monitoring stations for dual redundant monitoring. This allows our clients to have 2 of the best monitoring stations responding to an alert and avoids a missed alarm in case there is an issue at one of the 5 diamond monitoring stations.


Choose Safelink Security Systems For Home Security System Monitoring

When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, investing in a security system is a wise decision. While unmonitored systems can provide a basic level of deterrence, monitored security systems offer a comprehensive solution with professional monitoring, rapid response times, and enhanced protection features. The peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring and the assurance that experts are keeping an eye on your property cannot be understated. If you are debating using unmonitored vs monitored security systems, you will be happier that you used a monitored one.


Safelink Security Systems of OKC & Edmond has been providing top ranked security systems and alarm monitoring for over 20 years. Our alarm monitoring is done by 2, 5 diamond monitoring stations so that you get the quickest response time without error. We do this so that when you have an emergency, it won’t be missed. Contact Safelink Security Systems today and schedule a free home security system consultation to see how we can make your home safe from intruders as well as provide you peace of mind when you sleep or are away from your home.


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