A Dome Or A Bullet? Picking The Right Commercial Security Camera

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A Dome Or A Bullet? Picking The Right Commercial Security Camera

There are two main types of commercial security cameras and they are the dome and the bullet style camera.

Protection is the primary concern for many businesses. But what security cameras are best for business?

If you want a commercial security system, the first thing you must do is choose which sort of security camera is ideal for it. Because there are various sorts of security cameras on the market, this may be a complicated process.

Safelink System, a security company in Norman, will tell you which is better for business – a dome or bullet security camera! Let’s start with weighing the Pros and Cons of each.

Dome Security Camera


1. Less Threat of Vandalism

These cameras are less likely to be vandalized since it is more difficult to break them. Due to their shape, they are also more difficult to disable.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

Dome cameras have a sleek design that looks great in any business setting. These security cameras can increase the curb appeal of your commercial facility without making it look like a prison.

3. Wider Field of View

The thing our commercial clients love the most about dome security cameras is that they have a wider field of view. The shape of the camera and its installation enable it.

4. More Discreet

People need discretion in their commercial security systems. No business wants it to be evident that someone is watching them through a lens. Dome cameras provide this discretion.


1. More Expensive

Owing to their assembly with higher quality materials, these cameras are more expensive than the average security camera. That is because of all the extra design & function features that are integral to the camera’s purpose.

2. Can Be More Difficult to Install

The shape of dome security cameras can make them more challenging to install. They must be mounted flush against the ceiling, which can be difficult.

3. Can Have Blind Spots

The design of dome security cameras can create blind spots, creating a flaw in a business’s security system.

Bullet Security Camera


1. Affordable Security

For relatively small businesses not keen on a full-fledged security system, investing in a few bullet cameras will do just fine.

2. Easy to Install

In comparison to dome security cameras, bullet cameras are much easier to install. You can effortlessly mount them on the wall with no hassle.

3. Fewer Blind Spots

The design of bullet cameras limits the number of blind spots compared to dome security cameras. This gives business owners a better sense of security, knowing that cameras monitor all corners.


1. Limited Viewing Angle

The main downside of bullet security cameras is their limited viewing angle. You can remedy this by installing multiple cameras and increasing the business’s security budget.

2. More Visible

Another potential downside of bullet cameras is that they are more visible than dome cameras. The visibility deters business owners who want to keep their security system as discreet as possible.

3. Can Be Blocked

If there is an object in the way of the camera’s view, it could potentially blind spot.

Ending Note:

The decision is yours to make. Consider the business’s security needs and budget when deciding which type of camera is right for your business.

When it comes to business security cameras, Safelink Systems, serving Norman, OK, offers commercial security systems. You can curate the plan according to your specific needs.

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