What Makes A Good Alarm System

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Top 10 qualities every home alarm system should have to ensure you, your family, and your belongings are safe

Read about the top 10 qualities every home alarm system should have to ensure you, your family, and your belongings are safe

Alarm systems are becoming the norm for many newer households and quite frankly, older households to have. There are numerous security system companies that all claim to have your best interest in mind… but do they really? We can’t speak for other security companies, but we can tell you what makes a good alarm system. Here at Safelink Security Systems, the safety of not only you and your family, but your possessions as well, are our top priorities. That’s why we have created this list of the top 10 qualities that all good alarm systems should have, so keep reading!

Top 10 Qualities All Good Alarm Systems Should Have

1. Redundant Power Supply

The key to a good alarm system is that it works properly against even the simplest vulnerabilities, like power outages. Your alarm system should have a backup power supply like a battery or generator that is guaranteed to kick in when your power fails. 


2. High IP Rating

An IP rating measures the strength of your security system against those uncontrollable factors like rain, dust, and any other everyday grime that you might not realize can seriously damage your system. A good alarm system should have an IP rating of 67 or higher–the last thing you want is for your home security alarm to fail you because of something as simple as dirt buildup or water blurring your cameras.


3. Monitoring Services

Having a monitored alarm system is crucial to maintaining your safety. Without monitoring services your system is as good as a fake camera because what’s the use in an alarm system if you can just watch your home be broken into after it has already happened? With monitoring services you are more likely to catch the criminal in the act. Alarm systems should come equipped with 24/7 live monitoring by trained professionals who are able to contact authorities when needed.  


4. Location Customization

This point is a given, but your security system needs to be customized to your specific location. For example, a home alarm system is too simple for an office building’s needs–and vice versa. A high-traffic office space’s alarm system is too complex to be put into a home’s alarm system. Having the right alarm system for your specific location could be what saves you and your belongings. 


5. Highly Reliable Products

Every single part of your home alarm system needs to be able to work without fail. Having highly reliable products, whether it be a glass-break sensor, PIN pad, panic buttons, or your cameras, they need to be dependable. When looking for home alarm systems, all the products you get need to be industry-certified.


6. Ability to Record and Report

From well known movies like National Treasure and The Truman Show, we know how easily cameras can be hacked–BOOOOO! That’s why it’s important for your alarm system to have the ability to record what’s happening as well as automatically report any and all activity. 


7. Security Cameras

Security cameras aren’t always apart of a home alarm system, but they are highly recommended. While your alarm system has the ability to listen to any breaches that occur, a security camera is able to capture the culprit of these crimes. Every bit of data helps the authorities in finding who has broken in or attempted to break in, etc. 


8. High Efficiency

The best alarm systems do everything your typical alarm systems do but faster and in less steps. A high efficiency system will ensure the right people stay in and the wrong people stay out. 


9. Professional Installation Options

Although a DIY alarm system is cheaper than a professionally installed alarm system, you’re basically overpaying for low quality equipment. Certified professionals ensure your alarm system is set up and functioning correctly. Professionals also know the key places to place the products for better coverage of blind spots so that no one can sneak past your system.  


10. Remote Accessibility 

Remote accessibility is one of the most important things that an effective alarm system will have. A good security system will be connected to web servers so that you are able to get the updates on your home security any time anywhere. 


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