Best Alarm Systems in Oklahoma City

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Are you shopping for the best alarm systems in OKC? Choosing a business or home security system could be daunting. But, it is your family’s safety and security at stake, so you have to be thoughtful. 

Look no further because Safelink Security Systems OKC offers top-of-the-line equipment, years of experience, excellent customer service, and the best value in the Oklahoma City market. Besides, we make sure all your equipment is compatible with our mobile app. 


This article will highlight the critical information you need to know to choose the best alarm systems in OKC for your business or home. 

Best Alarm Systems in OKC have this camera.


What is an alarm system?

An alarm system is a group of gadgets that work together to allow the security monitoring of residential or commercial locations. They aim to detect intrusion. A security system with alarms will protect properties against theft, damage to property, or intruders. Basic alarm systems consist of at least one control panel and sensors that detect the opening and closing of entrance points like windows and doors. 


There are many alarm systems, but the most popular ones among homeowners consist of a small outdoor siren and a small panel connected to door and window sensors. In addition, some homeowners add security cameras to the setup. Following, we will list the parts of an alarm system and how they work together. 


Parts of an alarm system

  • Control panel: The primary controller of a home’s security system. It is the brain of the system, and it reads the sensor input signals. Usually has a small screen and a keypad. 
  • Door and window sensors: Small magnetized gadgets that detect the opening of an entry point like a window or a door. 
  • Motion sensors: Wall-mounted movement detectors. Motion sensors monitor indoor or outdoor spaces.
  • Security cameras: They help capture video surveillance. They could be wired or wireless.
    • Doorbell camera: They monitor your door and surroundings. Doorbell cams will record people ringing the doorbell or simply arriving at your doorstep. In addition, some doorbell cameras will allow you to speak to the person on the other side of your door through mobile applications and such. 
  • Glass break sensor: Detects if the glass on windows or doors shatters. 
  • Smoke/Carbon monoxide/ Flood sensors: Detect the presence of excess CO2 or water in the home or business. 
  • Panic button: A button or pendant that dispatches emergency services when pressed. 
  • A high-decibel siren or alarm: An alerting device that will activate if the sensor makes a detection. 
  • Yard sign and window stickers: A set of informational branded materials. Lets intruders and passersby know that security systems protect the location. 


How do alarm systems work? 

There are several ways intruders can set off an alarm system.

  1. Sensed through motion: Whenever you shut your door, a sensor will acknowledge that the door is being shut or opened.
  2. Alarm going off: Whenever the alarm is going off in the house. There could be a series of reasons why this is happening. The most basic reason is something triggered the alert that there is an intrusion in your house. Commonly, professionals set sensors on entry points like windows and doors. The chirping alarm means that either something or someone opened an entry point. Sometimes the alarm can go off just because of an odd case happening in the house. The house dog can cause this. 
  3. Deactivating the alarm: Whenever you put in an alarm system in your house, you will have access to a control panel that will be used to alarm you of any intrusion and can also be used to set and deactivate the alarm. 

What is the most effective type of alarm system? 

Whenever looking for an alarm system, you need to consider what security companies offer in OKC. What are the best alarm systems in OKC? This question varies based on your specific needs. The best questions to ask are: What is the most effective alarm system for my family and me? or What is the most effective type of alarm system for my business?


Trying to find the answers to these questions, you will encounter a wide variety of security systems on the market. You can also consider if you want to buy the equipment and take on the installation process or if you want to leave it to the experts. 


Following this step-by-step guide will help you through the evaluation process. 

How to find the best alarm systems in OKC for your house?

  1. Evaluate your level of risk: Even the safest neighborhoods are susceptible to break-ins. Therefore, it would be a good idea to consider getting an alarm system, even if your risk is low. 

Count your entry points and check possible break-in points in the peripherals of your house. For example, can somebody easily break your window? Is your backyard susceptible to intruders? Video surveillance or a motion detector would be enough? Do you want ongoing professional monitoring, phone access to your system, or a connection to other devices like Alexa? 

  1. Do you have an existing system? Consider using your existing alarm system, updating only parts of the old system like the keypad. 
  2. Evaluate your budget: How much are you willing to spend on a security system? Then, you can plan on buying the essential parts and add more parts later. 
  3. Find a local representative with the best customer service who can help you design the best alarm and security system for you. Once you have made your evaluation, you will find the help you need by consulting OKC’s local alarm system company. SafeLink offers the best equipment at a great affordable price.  


The process of getting an alarm system

Once you find the best security system company in OKC for your needs, you can start the process.

  1. Talk to a Safelink representative: One of our trusted representatives will begin getting to know you to identify your security needs. 
  2. Site visit: Once we understand the base point, we schedule a site walkthrough that will allow us to evaluate the vulnerabilities and system design that fits your space and your budget.
  3. Proposal: Our proposal will include all the technology pieces and budget in your requests. After your revision, we will modify the proposal to your specific budget and needs.
  4. Installation: We will work with your time to schedule a day for installation and testing.
  5. Ongoing monitoringChoose a monthly plan that will adjust to your lifestyle and budget. Even our basic plan includes a full 24 hours a day/ 7days a week alarm monitoring by our local U.L.

How is an alarm system installed?

The first part to consider when installing an alarm system is the location you want it placed in your house. Once we decide on the placement, we will then begin the process of installing it. What other system you decide to use will determine the other addons to your house. A traditional alarm system usually has both a sounder attached to batteries and a circuit. Whenever we decide to install your system, we will attach the batteries to the sounder, and then your circuit will be completely connected to your house. The complete connected system will make your alarm effective even when there is a power outage. The entire installation process is simple and will be worth it in the end. 

What makes us better than ADT alarm systems? 

Several companies offer so many options for alarm systems. Some systems will use the same system and will charge a fortune to install. At Safelink, we can offer all the same services that a big company like ADT can offer at a smaller price. The next question that you would probably ask is related to the reliability of the system. When you look up alarm systems, you will probably find several options, including national companies. At Safelink, we are a security systems company that promises the best alarm systems in OKC. We promise to give our best work to just those here and never look for any shorts cuts before you are delighted and feel safe with your new alarm system. Best Alarm Systems in OKC Infographic on alarm specifications.