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best home security systems okc

An industry leader in home security systems for decades, Safelink Security Systems provides home security installation and alarm monitoring to Oklahomans, providing both security and lifestyle convenience.

Industry leader Safelink System continues to become a game-changer in the industry by providing home security systems and burglar alarm and alarm monitoring.


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“Home Security Systems are crucial because even the safest neighborhoods hear stories of break-ins. Studies have found homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized. That’s where Safelink home security systems OKC comes into the picture,” says Josh Fish, owner of Safelink Security Systems OKC. smiling Security alarm systems representative showcasing Safelink appSince 2001, the company has led the pack as the leading Oklahoma alarm company with the most advanced security alarms and automation systems. It offers the quickest response times in the state when it comes to responding to homeowners’ alarm systems. It is licensed and certified to provide and install Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV (cameras), home automation, and access control systems. The company has installed thousands of security and automation systems, both hardwired and wireless.“The presence of an alarm system is enough to make a potential burglar reconsider breaking in. With any new installation of a security system, the company offers a yard sign to warn the thieves,” explains Josh. In fact, a study on the habits and motivations of burglars was conducted by UNC Charlotte. They found that 83% admitted that they specifically look to see if there’s an alarm, and 60% said they’d change their mind if one was installed. Smarter than stand-alone cameras, Safelink Systems’ smart cameras allow more intelligent video alerts and high-quality HD live video to help individuals see the video in high definition when they need it most. Using their state-of-the-art technology, homeowners can receive alerts in seconds when people, vehicles, or animals enter their property. Safelink Systems’ smart cameras are equipped with HDR (high dynamic range), allowing a more comprehensive view than many other cameras. The security cameras also feature night vision, allowing homeowners to see their property day and night.They can use Safelink’s custom recording rules to store clips in the cloud automatically. If clips aren’t good enough, homeowners can pair their camera with a stream recorder or use the company’s intelligent onboard recording chips that allow 24/7 crystal clear recording of the Safelink installed camera. 

Safelink Home Security Systems’ encrypted wireless Smart Alarm Control Panel has the ability to reach up to 2,000 linear feet using its encrypted wireless devices. This is an excellent use for larger homes to help prevent wireless connectivity problems reducing false alarms for your home.

Safelink also showcases its Smart Home Security System Touchscreen, which allows homeowners the ability to control their automated, connected devices when their smartphone is in another room.

Oklahomans looking to get a home security installation and alarm monitoring right away may visit the Safelink Security Systems website to get started. The company also offers free in-home security consultations in the OKC metro area.

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Company: Safelink Systems

Name: Josh Fish


Contact Number: (405) 509-5465

Address: 9409 Forest Hollow Ct

Oklahoma City, OK 73151

Country: United States